Damon Tedesco was my DJ. Again just a pleasure to have around. He was never too pushy or overbearing as I have seen too many times DJ be. We were very strict on what we wanted in the music or more importantly what we didn't want musically. He really did an excellent job in figuring out what kind of people we were and played such great music. I am into hippie, classic rock, funk, soul, disco, jazz, and eclectic music and he never had me once say "why is he playing that?" All night I was so excited of the choices he made. Never once did the dance floor go empty after a song was played. I am still being told how great the music was and how different each song was but how it all worked. He didn't play a single typical song you normally hear at wedding. We were both so happy with Damon. - jessica (dylanbob)

Simply put, Damon was phenomenal. He is a breath of fresh air in an industry that reeks of cheese. I planned my wedding from across the country, and it just so happened that he was free to meet one afternoon while I was in town. He invited me to his home for our first consultation, which was really accommodating, since my schedule was tightly packed. His manner put me completely at ease, and it was clear that we felt the same way about the DJ's role at a wedding - he's there to keep the music playing and help move things along, but in a backstage, behind-the-scenes kind of way. So many DJs use a wedding as a platform for their own posturing and goofy gimmicks - I'm not the type of person to say the wedding is all about the bride, but it's definitely not all about the DJ! Damon made me feel 100% confident that with him as our DJ, it would be all about class. He was extremely flexible and accessible, which is crucial for someone planning long-distance, and whatever questions I had or ideas I gave him, he followed up and knew just what to do. His announcements were crisp and clear, and he worked well with the waitstaff and other vendors to coordinate the first dances, meal service, etc. He played music that was right in line with our tastes, and the dance floor was almost never empty. I surprised my husband with a serenade at the reception, and Damon had the accompaniment CD ready to go. He even had me listen ahead to make sure it was the right track. That kind of attention to detail and readiness made everything go smoothly the whole night. The DJ can either make or break a wedding, and Damon's ego-free style definitely "made it." A month later, our guests are still talking about how classy the wedding was, and I attribute a great deal of that to him. Sarahmw from projectwedding.com

Damon has an uncanny talent for reading a crowd and playing music that gets everyone in the mood and dancing. His style is that of a great DJ, not cheesy announcer man. He announces the events, but doesn’t tell lame jokes or talk just to hear his own voice. Every musical moment was absolutely perfect, he played every song we requested, none of our “do not plays” hit the air, he even had a totally obscure song Ryan’s college buddies requested. Heck, he even pronounced my mom’s Korean name correctly! We could not have been happier with his work – and he’s a great guy to boot! Damon and our caterer have worked together in the past, so they both made sure our entire day went without a hitch. We didn’t have to worry about a single thing, we just relaxed, had a great time, and knew everything was being taken care of! – Ryan and Christine (screen name Kimo)

I interviewed several DJs. Damon by far was the most professional. He had great input and had absolutely no attitude. Working with vendors can be very, very challenging. He was one vendor that made it super easy. His directions were cleared and he followed-up as promised. I did not need to "chase him down" to confirm appointments, etc. No micro-managing required with Damon. Damon completely followed all directions to a tee. For example, for my entrance, our officiant had queued me to begin walking down the aisle -- to the wrong music. The processional song was still playing. For whatever reason, our officiant thought I was walking down at that time. He would not stop motioning me and my uncle to walk down the aisle. We just stood there. Awkward. Anyway, our officiant was confused. However, Damon was not. He knew exactly what song I requested for the entrance. He saved the moment and quickly starting playing Edelweiss. Total save!!! As for the wedding reception, he did a fantastic job on reading the crowd. He played the songs we selected (our top 25 songs + other various milestone songs). He also knew when to switch up the music based on the guests. The dance floor was full for the entire reception. We even had him play an hour longer than planned because the guests would not stop dancing! He definitely contributed to making our wedding a fun, memorable event. We cannot thank him enough!!! Hgaitanis from projectwedding.com

My wife and I are pretty particular with the music we wanted played at our wedding. We set up a meeting with him explaining what we wanted and we wanted to stay away from for our reception. Damon's music choices were on point all night. He made our reception flow and really set the atmosphere. He knew when to pick up the pace and when to back off. He reads a room exceptionally well. We had over 200 guests and everyone really had a great time dancing to great music. I wrote a special song for my wife and wanted to surprise her and sing it to her at the reception. Since Damon is also a professional sound engineer it made it easy for me to do this. The sound of my acoustic guitar and voice was rich and warm and he made me sound great! Not only is he an excellent DJ but he's easy to work with. Smiling all night, it shows that he loves what he does and that makes all the difference. Musicman from projectwedding.com

Damon was exceptional in skill and professionalism, a pleasure to deal with from the very first phone conversation. Damon took the interest in understanding our needs, likes and dislikes about the entire wedding and not just about the music. While we may not have been completely organized with a song list, etc, we knew what we liked and Damon filled in the rest beautifully. The cocktail hour and reception were a hit and we believe he really made the event come alive and set the mood! There were no grandstand comics or mic-hogs, just sheer professionalism with great music. Sincerely, we are so grateful to Damon and high recommend him if you wish to have your wedding incredibly off the charts with great tunes! Tocolette from projectwedding.com

We found Damon through a referral and we were so happy with him! What we liked most about him was that he really listened to us and wanted the music to be a reflection of us. He even asked us for our top 20 must-have songs and also a list of the songs we couldn't stand!! We have been to weddings before where the DJs would not honor the guests' song requests so we asked him ahead of time to play ANY request even if it was on our "songs we hate" list. He happily played our guests' requests and was also able to read the crowd and keep many generations happy. He is flexible, kind, and professional. He put our minds at ease and got everyone movin' and shakin' on the dance floor. Midsummers from projectwedding.com

We had the pleasure of having Damon as our DJ at our wedding this past July. He was AMAZING!!! He was so kind to all our friends and family. The music he provided was excellent and exactly what we requested. Damon is very professional and has all the newest equipment and technology to provide you with any requests and special requirements. We had a small wedding with a very conservative crowd and were concerned that our guests would not really participate with the dancing section of our reception. He was so friendly and casual that everyone got up and danced the night away. As a matter of fact, there was one part of the evening that the entire dance floor was filled with our friends and family. It was such a memorable experience and we truly enjoyed having him at our wedding. He made everyone so comfortable and fullfilled every single request. He went above and beyond what we asked and we will forever be grateful. If you have the opporturnity to have him host your event, you will be very happy with your choice. Thanks again for everything you've done for us. You're the best! Sincerely, Kim and Robert robertnkim from projectwedding.com

Damon Tedesco epitomized professionalism. He was attentive and thorough in the planning stages, punctual and prepared while setting up, and classy throughout the ceremony and reception. He provided all the audio equipment we needed for the entire event and did a great job setting up the microphones, amplification, etc for the live acoustic musicians we had at the ceremony and also for the officiant. He was very perceptive during the reception, reading the room well so that the background music during the dinner created a nice mood and wasn't intrusive and the dancing/party music after dinner got people up and on the dance floor having a great time. Friends of mine who never dance even joined in! I can't recommend him enough. Mblee from projectwedding.com

We are so happy we hired Damon! He is one of the nicest people, and is organized, professional, and trustworthy. He reads the crowd well and had everyone, including my parents (a huge feat) dancing all night long. He is a professional sound engineer too, so he did a great job with sound during our outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour. The night flowed really well -- he timed the required first dance, cake cutting, etc. perfectly. He was able to take any song requests too. All we wanted from our DJ was great music and everyone dancing and he accomplished that and more! Lnorahs from projectwedding.com

Damon Tedesco has been working with our company, Savant Productions, Inc. for several years. Every time we have a client call requesting a D.J., Damon is our man! He is creative, personable, attentive and quite gifted at reading the crowd and keeping the party going. Dan Savant, president of Savant Productions, Inc., has used him on more than one occasion for his own family events. Damon is always professional and we will continue to highly recommend him as a first class D.J. Savant from projectwedding.com

Damon was awesome. We had our first meeting the week before the wedding and we meshed really well. I gave him a list of songs to NOT play and a list of some of my favorites and he did really well off of that. He also played during our ceremony and we had a lot of compliments on the ceremony music and the choices. I didn't really want an emcee type DJ and Damon understood that and just hung back and played the music. He kept the dance floor full pretty much all night (except when we all got hot and went outside) and so many people complimented me on him. I know one future bride at my wedding who had tried to get him and after seeing him in action was so bummed she didn't. Damon certainly has the capacity to really be any type of DJ you want - emcee or not - he does all types of parties besides weddings (Hollywood wrap parties, studio parties, etc.) and I would definitely use him again if I needed a DJ! His number is – Damon and Stacy (screen name Calibride)

Excellence, Perfection, Genuine are just a few words that only begin to describe Damon and his talents as a DJ. It was very important to my husband and I that we not have the "typical" wedding songs you hear at every wedding. Since Damon has such a strong musical background his library and music knowledge is very refreshing. I wanted to surprise by new husband by singing a song with a live band backing me up. Damon is also a professional sound engineer and made us all sound great. Even me, who doesn't sing. ;) He listened to what we wanted and provided perfect song choices all night. Besides all of this Damon is an all around wonderful guy. In a world where weddings are all about business it was great to deal with someone who is all about making your night a memorable one. Macbeth822 from projectwedding.com

I guess what I liked most about Damon was is that I didn't even know he was there. He stays totally out of the way and just plays the music - good music. He can really be any kind of DJ you want though. If you want him to be more of an emcee, he can do that too. He does a lot of studio parties, wrap parties, etc. - really a lot of 'different' types of events - he is not strictly a wedding DJ so he can be as much involved as you want or as little involved. Regardless of what DJ you go with (or any vendor for that matter) you should really 'jell' with them. We clicked right away in our meeting and were always on the same wavelength - he can read people really well. – Karen and Chris

Damon Tedesco epitomized professionalism. He was attentive and thorough in the planning stages, punctual and prepared while setting up, and classy throughout the ceremony and reception. He provided all the audio equipment we needed for the entire event and did a great job setting up the microphones, amplification, etc for the live acoustic musicians we had at the ceremony and also for the officiant. He was very perceptive during the reception, reading the room well so that the background music during the dinner created a nice mood and wasn't intrusive and the dancing/party music after dinner got people up and on the dance floor having a great time. Friends of mine who never dance even joined in! I can't recommend him enough. Mblee from projectwedding.com

Damon was absolutely fantastic. He respected all of our "do not play" wishes, really listened to us, as far as what we wanted played, was very responsive to emails leading up to the wedding, etc. Most importantly, he didn't try and do dj patter and make it the Damon show. It was all about us all night. He was a great MC. For us, music was probably the most important part of the reception and we wanted it to be exactly right. Damon got it exactly right. I can't say enough good things about him. I HIGHLY recommend him. – Ally3223 from Projectwedding.com

Damon Tedesco is a fantastic, professional DJ. We were absolutely thrilled with Damon's music choices and "hosting" of our wedding. Everything went entirely according to plan, and when little stuff came up - like how I forgot to put my dad's toast on the schedule - he handled it beautifully (no-one, including my dad or my groom, ever knew I forgot!). I was, of course, in "bride-mode" but I kept noticing through the haze of activity all our favorite songs AND all our favorite artists - he intuited what we would like from the lists we gave him and conversations we had with him. The microphone/toasts was perfect, he were perfect and our wedding was perfect. I whole-heartedly recommend him to you. - geinstein from projectwedding.com

Damon was great. He was very responsive leading up to the wedding. My husband and I had NO IDEA what music we wanted played for the wedding ceremony. Damon literally made us a CD of good music that he has used in the past, and let us pick. This was amazingly helpful and took a lot of the stress out of this step. He has a huge list of music and allowed us to decide exactly how "hands-on" we were going to be in the selection. We gave him not only a "play" and "do not play" list, but also gave him direction as to what type of music to play at certain times (during cocktail hour, during dinner, and during dancing) and he completely stuck to it. We had a beautiful wedding and he did a great job. - Overholb from projectwedding.com

Damon was stellar, mixing our favorite tunes with brilliantly random songs that segued perfectly. I don't know how he did it, but it was amazing. My wife and I wanted a wedding that was special without worrying over every little detail, and Damon fit our needs precisely. And on a personal level, he's a great guy who brought such enthusiasm to every step of the process. What can I say: We were lucky to have him. - Timgrierson from projectwedding.com

I can not say enough wonderful things about my DJ. He was my favorite vendor! He met with us twice before the wedding and had great suggestions for the timeline of events. Any songs that I gave him on my must play list he either had or he bought with no charge to me. He was not able to play the one song we had given him a cd of on the day-of, something had apparently happened to the cd so that it wouldn’t play, but I won’t hold that against him. He played a good mix of music and read the crowd well. If one song didn’t get a lot of dancers he instantly reworked his song choices. My guests enjoyed themselves and so did I. Although I didn’t hear many of the songs I had requested I won’t fault him for that because we had told him that we’d rather he read the crowd than play the music we had requested. He was not cheesy and did not force any guests to dance or play random games. He was classy and everyone loved him! - Lottifish from projectwedding.com

Damon was a complete professional. He was easy to work with and not one bit cheezy. He has the highest quality equipment and backup equipment, ready for any situation. He supplied our officiant and DH with the ceremony microphones and had an extra microphone for our friend/singer. He also showed up early for her to be able to rehearse. He was an absolute joy to work with and played great music. - Klessard from projectwedding.com

Damon came with a very high recommendation from a family friend and after using him for our wedding reception, my wife and I agree that he is the best! We sent him the list of songs we wanted and asked him to add some of his own based on the styles we chose (which included everything from oldies to rap) and he did exactly what we asked without any problems whatsoever. With the millions of things you have to worry about when planning a wedding, the last thing we wanted to be concerned with was the music, and thanks to Damon, we never were. Another huge plus was that he was not obtrusive to the reception at all...no cheesy announcer voices, no annoying cliches on the mic. He professionally announced what we asked him to and kept the entire party organized. Due to the fact that Damon Tedesco was recommended to us, my wife and I thought it would be nice to recommend him to anyone looking for the best wedding dj available! Jpbnelson from projectwedding.com

In a world with so many choices for a DJ, Damon rises to the top. His ability to keep the reception moving through his impeccable music selection made the evening fly by. His ever present smile made it seem as if he were a guest enjoying the party as well. Most importantly, his demeanor allowed guests to feel comfortable with requesting music, allowing everyone to be a part of the action. Thank you again Damon. Rwheeler from projectwedding.com

Damon Tedesco did an incredible job for our wedding. He did all the sound for the Ceremony which was a little complicated as we had both a Rabbi and a Priest. He was able to mic them so everyone could hear as well as play the right music at the right time! We also had a quartet during part of the Ceremony and reception before dinner that he also set up mics for. We had a live band during the main reception and his music complimented them enormously. He played music styles that the band didn't play so nothing was over done. His experience as a sound mixer really helped when it came to the sound for the band too. He set up all the microphones for the live singers and musicians. He really knows how to read a crowd and got everyone going on the dance floor. It was the best party ever and that's what we really wanted. He was organized, professional, punctual, fun to work with and most importantly has great taste in music and masses of choices. I highly recommend him. Suzieg from projectwedding.com

Sarah and Eamon
February 9, 2008

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