How long have you been a DJ?
It has been over 25 years. I started in high school DJing parties, proms and dances. When I attended Loyola Marymount University, I started DJing weddings. Now I split my time between weddings and Hollywood wrap parties for film and television shows.

Why is it so difficult to hire a DJ?
With a wedding or an event there are tangible items such as a cake, flowers, food, locations, etc. A DJ is kind of a mystery -- Will they play good music? Will they show up on time? Do they have a good music selection? How is their equipment? These are difficult questions to answer unless you can get recommendations from other friends or family.

What makes you different from other DJs?
I am not an over the top, salesman type of guy. When people go to a party they are there to hear a great selection of music and to enjoy a well-planned event. I don't do line dances, or force people to dance. I try to avoid the usual suspects in songs and just play great music.

Are you an agency?
No. People hire me because of my ability to read a crowd and play music that you don't hear at every wedding or party.

Any advice on hiring a DJ?
Get together with your DJ and chat about what you want from your DJ. You need to feel comfortable with whomever you hire. Speak with their recent clients or go see them in action.

Do you ever have a "meet and greet" meeting before you get hired?
All the time! People want to know that they can get along with their vendors. I think this is the best way to know if everyone meshes well with each other.

How many times do you meet up with your clients before the DJ job?
It all varies -- everyone has a different comfort level. I like to meet up with couples a few times before their wedding. Weddings are all about pre-production. The more I know about the event my client wants the easier the job will flow.

Are you wedding planner?
I'm more of an event coordinator. I work with the couple getting married to figure out what they want and work out a timeline with them. I rely on my vast experience to suggest the best flow for the formalities. I speak with all the other players involved before the event and give them a copy of the Wedding Program. Everyone needs to be on the same page so the wedding rolls along flawlessly.

Do you have a "day job"?
I am a professional music recording engineer and have recorded and mixed hundreds of commercials, television shows and films. My website for my "other life" is

What kind of packages do you have?
I have my hourly rate with a five hour minimum. I don't charge for set up or break down time -- just music time. The wedding system is most commonly a flat rate rental on top of my hourly.

Do you advertise?
Very little. 80% of my work comes from word of mouth and referrals. It is difficult now that there are a huge numbers of DJs online. The problem is that many times you don't know what type of DJ you will get until the day of the event -- and then it is much too late.

Pioneer DDJ-SX DJ Mixer and Controller
Apple iMac 22-inch Computer
QSC K-12 Speaker System
Shure Beta 87 Microphones
Sennheiser 500 series wireless Microphones
(This system frequently used for wedding ceremonies)
QSC K-10 Speaker System
Soundcraft Gigrac mixing console
Shure Beta 87s for micing up musicians or vocalists
Audio integration with videographer from mixing console

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